Fiberglass Pumps

Series CFG and CFM centrifugal pumps are made of fiberglass and mainly designed for heavy duty applications when light to strong corrosive media need to be handled. Pumps of this series made of glass reinforced plastics are resistant against corrosion and abrasion in a wide temperature range of -45 °C up to +120 °C.

This series is distinguished by high wall thicknesses and allows the use at high temperatures and high heads without costly metal reinforcement of the pump housing. The specific 3D design of the semi-open impeller makes the pump work very efficiently and produces very low power losses. The efficiency of the pump reaches up to 82%.

Series CFG and CFM are used in very different industrial applications such as desalination plants and steel production as well as waste water treatment and surface finishing processes. This pump series is capable to produce flows up to 2000 m³/h and total heads up to 120 mWC.

This mechanical sealed pump series is available as block and as long coupled version and can be supplied with a variety of single and double seals depending on the needs of the application.

Technical Data

Flow Rate
10-2000 m³/h
Total Head 120 m
-45 / +120 °C