small pump

Small Magnetic Coupled Pumps MKPFC

We supply small chemical resistant magnetic drive pumps in plastic for any application in all industries. The power is transmitted by a contactless magnetic coupling, so that the shaft passage usual for a horizontal centrifugal pump is not required. This makes the seal-less pump especially suitable for pumping chemicals.

Due to the materials used for the pumps (PP (polypropylene) and PVDF (polyvinyldene fluoride)) the pumps can be used in a wide range of applications where acids, alkalis and aqueous solutions have to be pumped. In particular, the small size of the pumps allows them to be installed in apparatus and other machines.

The magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are normal priming and resistant to continuous operation.

Technical Data

Flow Rate
10-45 l/min
max. Head 8 m
Temperature -5 / +90 °C
max. Viscosity 20 cP