DC Pumps

Magnetic Coupled DC Pumps

We supply small and compact plastic centrifugal pumps with brushless DC motors. GRI's INTG series covers a flow rate range from 3 to 145 l/min with heads from 0.5 to 21mWS. This series of small, magnetic coupled pumps is especially designed for installation in apparatus and equipment and can handle a wide variety of circulation and delivery tasks of critical media such as acids, alkalies and many organic media. The pumps are made of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and are therefore resistant to a wide range of chemicals up to 107 °C, depending on the design.

These pumps use brushless DC motors at an operating voltage of 12-48 VDC. Their speed can be easily controlled via the operating voltage or optionally via a 0-5 VDC control signal.

These INTG series pumps are not self-priming and can be operated continuously.

If the duty point required for your application or the dimensions of the standard pumps do not fit, please contact us. We are specialized in OEM solutions and are also happy to develop your specific required pump with you.