Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Air diaphragm pumps are specifically designed to pump abrasive fluids with high loads of solids or high viscosity. Furthermore, air diaphragm pumps are often used if the pumped liquid has a limited acceptance of shear forces which denies the use of a centrifugal pump. Air diaphragm pumps are dry-run capable, dry self-priming, and continuously adjustable. In addition, our air operated diaphragm pumps don’t have a dead-center as a result of a lube-free air valve system, which guarantees a continuous and trouble-free operation.

The series MPA air diaphragm pump is available in plastic such as PP (Polypropylene), PVDF (Polyvinyldene fluoride), and conductive PP and PVDF. The pump is also available in aluminum and stainless steel. In combination with a variety of membranes and valve materials, these pumps can be used with almost all liquids.

Technical Data

Model MPA 15K MPA 15 MPA 25K MPA 25 MPA 40 MPA 50

Inlet and outlet ports

(Flanges optional)

G1/2" (DN15) G1'' (DN25) G1½" (DN40) G2'' (DN50
Capacity (max.) 52 l/min 76 l/min 130 l/min 175 l/min 370 l/min 715 l/min
Total head (max.) 80 mWC
Temperature PP/PVDF/AL/SS (max.) 60/90/100/100 °C
Driving pressure (min.) 2 bar
Driving pressure(max.) 8 bar
Suction lift (dry)
4 m 4,5 m
Suction lift (wet)
9 m
Solids size (max.) 3 mm 3,2 mm 5,5 mm 6 mm 7 mm 9 mm
Connection air supply
Ø6 mm G1/4" G3/8" G1/2"
Pump material
PP, PVDF, Aluminium, Edelstahl
Membrane material
Data sheet (Download)


MPA 15


MPA 25

MPA 40

MPA 50